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Website Design Marketing
Good website design is like looking into an informative storefront

How can we help you?

Websites are like storefronts, if you don't understand what they are selling, you lose interest quickly and keep walking by. When you see a storefront that has items of interest, you walk into the store and potentially make a purchase.

​A successful website must offer information, captivate the viewer, and maintain clarity. These elements encourage viewer interaction, ultimately benefiting your business.

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Our Services

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Website Design
& Creation

Your website is your business card and your info pamphlet all in one. Create a site that customers appreciate.

Digital Marketing Reporting

Online Marketing
Strategies & Developement

With thousands of businesses competing online, you must be noticed first to make an impact.

Business Consulting Team


A little guidance goes a long way. Our consultants have different backgrounds and can help you in various ways.

What Our Clients Say

Mikael H.

Owner of

“It never hurts to get your name out there and we definitely did after using Smashup to help us with marketing. The team was always helpful and informative.”

- MTL Jeep

Carol S.

Owner of

“I'm so grateful for the help of the design and marketing team at SmashUp. As soon as my new site was up it started attracting customers.”

- Pura Vida Yoga BVI

Aymane T.

“We are really happy with the results after using SmashUp for website creation and help with our Google Adwords. Especially Adwords which was really hard to figure out on our own.”

- Trois Degrés Accounting

Website and marketing report

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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